Questions About Movies I’ve Watched In The Last Four Months That Will Go Unanswered Now That They’ve Shut Down The IMDB Message Boards, Ranked:

“IMDb Is Shutting Down Its Discussion Boards” — Variety, Feb 3, 2017

(Assume that every question contains a SPOILER for the movie title in bold.)

9. Was that last scene in Dead Calm tacked on because test audiences thought Sam Neill looked like a cuck?

8. The nutritionist’s office in Forks Over Knives is just a rundown house with a placard out front, right? Which is super sketchy, and did anyone else turn it off right away because of that?

7. At the end of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, did I really see Jean-Do’s pupils dilate? How did they do that?

6. What is that movie I saw when I was little where a woman casually killed a man by walking into the room where he was watching TV and stabbing a pair of household scissors into his shoulder?

5. Did anyone involved in the making of All Dogs Go To Heaven get in trouble for making the main character’s outfit look so much like what the Disney Snow White wears?

4. What happened to every actor involved in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

3. Why didn’t White God win any Oscars and how outraged are we about it from VERY to OMG?

2. Why the Scottish accent for Eric Balfour’s Canada-based wilderness guide in Backcountry? Like, why.

1. What am I missing about Childhood of a Leader that I felt disappointed at the end? Also, does he kill his mother?

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