Charlie, The Lonesome Cougar

Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar

I’m a big fan of animals in general, I have my own pets I love, and I’m frequently disturbed by stories of animal actors being mistreated on modern movie sets–but I also I love this live-action movie Disney made in the 60s that involves a cougar doing a bunch of un-cougar-like things like participating in a log roll, riding a log flume (for miles) and being chased by hunters on horseback and their dogs. While I suppose it’s possible that a cougar could be trained to do all of those things willingly, being that it was the 60’s, I wouldn’t stake my life on those cougar actors having the greatest on-set experience. I recently had my husband watch this movie for the first time, and he pointed out all the problematic aspects–which is a lesson to me not to show this movie to anyone who didn’t see it first as a kid. I

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